Mindful Birding Presents BIRD ALERT! A Cartoon Adventure

Coming May 2020 - Season 1 - Follow the saga of Alfie Bird, a willful male who encounters migration dangers, deceitful birders, and surprise windows as he strives to breed successfully.
Coming May 2021 - Season 2 - Alfie's breeding season quest continues with new perils from birders' lasers, outdoor cats, reverse photography, and predators' accomplices... perhaps some forest bathing will be necessary.
The Mindful Birding Project is pleased to announce the launch of its educational, bird-centric cartoon series starring Alfie Bird. This cartoon adventure entertains while also increasing awareness of ethical birding guidelines and bird conservation issues. The series—Oh! Hold on! It looks like Alfie would like to say a few words. Go ahead, Alfie.
“Look here, birders. It’s not easy being a bird. You have no idea what it’s like. Cold nights. Wind storms. The tribulations of migration! And if that weren’t enough—and it is, trust me it is enough—we also have to contend with an occasional mindless birder who chases us around and interrupts our courtships or parental duties, all for that special photo or to add us to some all-important list. And don’t get me started on—”
Ahem. Thank you, Alfie. As we were saying, the cartoon series consists of ten short episodes, with the first five released on International Migratory Bird Day in May 2020. We hope you enjoy Alfie’s adventures and perhaps gain a greater appreciation of the challenges faced by birds. We encourage birding festivals, bird organizations, and bird enthusiasts to freely share these videos with interested audiences.
Mindful Birding is a charitable project of the Morrissey Family Foundation that presents ethical birding guidelines from around the world, and offers awards to birding festivals that advance nature conservation and demonstrate improved or superior ethics. The project has three goals: (1) increase the conservation contributions from America's birdwatchers, (2) increase awareness of ethical birding guidelines, and (3) encourage a practice of mindfulness among birders.