Conservation Checklist for Birding Festivals

Birding festivals can play a huge role in advancing bird conservation. If every birding festival was designed with conservation in mind, the end result would be healthier bird populations and a healthier environment. We provide the following checklist as a tool for birding festivals to use to assess and increase the conservation significance of their event.

Does your festival...

(1) Donate funds for habitat protection and restoration?
(2) Provide education on a conservation topic? (e.g., hand out a list of sources of human-caused bird mortality)
(3) Influence conservation legislation?
(4) Allow people who let their cats outdoors to attend?
(5) Honor people who modify their windows to prevent bird collisions?
(6) Encourage cautious driving to minimize wildlife collisions?
(7) Have postcards for attendees to mail asking elected representatives to ban lead-based ammunition?
(8) Donate funds in support of bird conservation science?
(9) Take action on a local conservation issue?
(10) Clearly demonstrate ethical birding guidelines?