3. Mindful of Personal Birding Experience

Did you remember to stretch your neck so your body feels good for the party tonight? The guidelines gathered here will help you relax and enjoy your time in the delightful company of birds.
“Bird quietly, walk slowly.” (Mountain Bird Festival, accessed 2014)
“Be patient, take the time to observe.” (Lake Region Audubon Society, accessed 2014)
“And most important, enjoy yourself! Don’t be too concerned about finding that rare bird, or spotting more species than last month. Birding is meant to be informative, but also fun. (National Audubon Society, accessed 2014)
"Sometimes it is better to sit still, immerse yourself in the beauty around you, and wait to see what wildlife will come to you." (California Department of Fish & Game, accessed 2014)

“Silence is golden. The keen senses of birds alert them to your presence, often long before you have a chance to see them. Whether alone or in a group, walk as quietly as possible and whisper.” (National Audubon Society, accessed 2014)

“Quiet walks will also help when listening for bird calls.” (National Audubon Society, accessed 2014)
“Keep the volume down, silence is golden.” (Lake Region Audubon Society, accessed 2014)

“Patience is often rewarded.” (Ontario Field Ornithologists, accessed 2014)