4. Mindful of Nature Conservation

Of course you've been doing great things for conservation, but have you aligned your efforts with what birds need most? Guidelines presented here show the pathway to becoming a conservation birder.

a. Support Conservation

“Support the protection of important bird habitat.” (American Birding Association, accessed 2014)

“All bird watchers have a responsibility… to contribute to the future well-being of birds and the environment.” (Experience the Wild Nature Tours, Australia, accessed 2014)

b. Carpooling

“Carpool whenever possible. This is a great way to get to know new folks, swap birding stories, and learn a lot.” (Mecklenburg Audubon, accessed 2014)

c. Damaging Habitat

“Do not damage habitat (breaking branches, trampling vegetation).” (Mountain Bird Festival, accessed 2014)

“…leave habitats in as good or better condition as we find them.” (Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, accessed 2014)

d. Staying on Paths and Trails

“Stay on roads, trails, and paths where they exist.” (American Birding Association, accessed 2014)

e. Littering

“Dispose of waste properly.” (Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, accessed 2014)

Now that you have the basics down, click here to visit our Nature Conservation webpage to learn how to align your conservation efforts with what birds need.